Multiplied: Contemporary Art in Editions Fair, October 18th-21st, London 2013

Breath, Photo Lithography, Oak Frame, Anti-reflective glass, 64.9cm x 50cm

Breath, Photo Lithography, Oak Frame, Anti-reflective glass,
Framed 69.5cmW x 54.5cmH, © Denise Startin Show RCA 2013.

Multiplied 2013 hosted by Christie’s, 18th – 21st October, is a contemporary fair dedicated to showcasing editioned work across a range of disciplines including Printmaking, Photography and Publications from both established artists including Bob and Roberta Smith, William Kentridge and Adam Chodzco as well as work by emerging artists. You can find the work of recent graduates of the Royal College of Art, MA Printmaking 2013 on Stand 8. The Fine Art programme at the RCA is intensely rigorous, intellectually stimulating, technically and critically demanding. The Printmaking department reflects this combining conceptual rigour, technical proficiency and intense material engagement across print, installation, sound, film, performance, spoken and printed word. A Printmaking publication, Between Before and After, was also produced alongside the degree show by graduating students 2013 showcasing text and image work and featuring critical input from Dr Chantal Faust, artist Nicky Coutts, writer Rebecca Geldard and Professor of Printmaking, Jo Stockham.

A work entitled Breath, which formed part of my MA show will be available for purchase. Breath is a limited edition (1/15) photo-litho on Somerset, there are also 10 prints available unframed 64.9cm x 50cm. Details of artists works and statements from the Printmaking graduates can be found at Show RCA, 2013. A box set of limited edition prints (25cm x 25cm) produced by final year Printmaking students 2013 will also be available for purchase. Proceeds will support the growth and development of future RCA students. For more information about Multiplied please click here. The Multiplied Gallery Guide for 2013 can be found here. Information regarding Printmaking at the RCA is on page17 of the Guide. Other exhibitors at the fair include Riflemaker, Purdey Hicks Gallery, Paupers Press, Dundee Contemporary Arts and London Print Studio.

More Last Words


Microwork_Breathe © Denise Startin

More or less what follows:  Midnight sounds – the Midnight when the dice must be cast. Igitur descends the stairs of the human mind, goes to the depths of things: as the “absolute” that he is. Tombs-ashes (not feeling, nor mind) dead center. He recites the prediction and makes the gesture. Indifference. Hissings on the stairs. “You are wrong”: no emotion. The infinite emerges from chance, which you have denied. You mathematicians expired – I am projected absolute. I was to finish an Infinite. Simply word and gesture. As for what I am telling you, in order to explain my life. Nothing will remain of you – The infinite at last escapes the family, which has suffered from it – old space – no chance. The family was right to deny it – its life – so that it stayed the absolute. This was to take place in the combinations of the Infinite face to face with the Absolute. Necessary – the extracted Idea. Profitable madness. There one of the acts of the universe was just committed. Nothing else, the breath remained, the end of word and gesture united – blow Out the candle of being, by which all has been. Proof. (Think on that)

Extract from Igitur by Stéphane Mallarmé translated by Mary Ann Caws. Text reproduced from