Three Steps, Three Steps, Three Steps

Hélène Cixous , écrivain – chez elle à paris 10/2004

“Following the opening strategy on Cixous’s part in Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing and its accompanying, secret avowal of the autobiogrammy, there takes place what seems the opening onto admission, confession once more, of love, for writers, and, from this, to the confessions of “autobiography”, starting with childhood, Except, we must note, that the childhood, though singular is shared; it is a writing that reiterates the gesture of the loved ones – a gesture at once singular and shared by analogy with the Derrida of the “Circumfession”, in his autobiogrammatical response to St.Augustine. Cixous (re)turns to writers who begin (with writing, with living) as the inaugural gambit, so that autobiography finds itself haunted by autobiogrammy. Continue reading