The view from Nowhere: Dislocated, re-located, discombobulated

[sic] amore

[sic] amore (© Gammie)

Hello Every Bodies

Since I am now post MA, RCA life I have to confess the life element of this statement is sorely lacking due to the fact that I have re-located (to a house on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere that feels positively rural after living in London for 3 years). I am simply left dangling post MA, RCA……Rather disconcertingly I can actually hear myself thinking, this re-location may be good for the soul but it may also be that I am slowly committing creative suicide. Anyway to take hold of one’s dislocation, discombobulation and direct one’s dangle I am exploring those areas of my practice that somehow never saw the light of day on the MA in practice but were fully present in the thesis (Barthes, Cixous, Kristeva, Irigaray et al). I am undertaking a Social Studies Certificate in Feminism, Gender and Sexuality in Literature and the study of women’s writing and how it has engaged with, and continues to transform and challenge the politics of gender, sex, and sexuality. Continue reading