Place Making > Placing Self

Heidegger’s Hutte, Todtnauberg, Black Forest, Germany

“…place is that open, cleared yet unbounded region in which we find ourselves gathered together with other persons and things, and which we are opened to the world and the world to us. It is out of this place that space and time both emerge, and yet the place at issue here also has a dynamic character of its own – it is not merely the static appearance of a viewed locale or landscape, but it is rather a unifying, gathering, regioning – place is, in this sense, always a “taking place, a “happening” of place.”

Malpas, Jeff, Heidegger’s Topology, Being, Place, World, Massachussets Institute of Technology, 2008, Chapter 5 Place and Event pp.221. Image reproduced from

Poetry, Language, Thought

‘In Heidegger’s thinking, poetry is not a mere amusement or form of culture but a force that opens up the realm of truth and brings man to the measure of his being and his world.’

Quote from back cover, Extract from Poetry, Language, Thought, The Thinker as Poet, Harper and Row, NY 1971: pp11