Goodbye to all that

Wish you were here © Denise Startin

Wish you were here © Denise Startin

“Resolve to perform what you ought, perform without fail what you resolve” Benjamin Franklin, polymath

Resolve: decide with an effort of will, separate the component parts of, make clear, settle. conclude, determine, intend, disentangle, explain, solve, unravel…
Resolute: firm in purpose, bold, constant, determined, dogged, persevering, purposeful, steadfast, undaunted, unflinching, unshaken, unwavering
Resolution: Declaration, determination, intention, purpose, firmness of conduct or character, act of resolving
Actions: Be, be, be, Do, do, do, Commit, commit, commit, Act, act, act, Reflect, reflect, reflect, Repeat, repeat, repeat, Anon [‘anon anon’]

‘It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little

– do what you can!”  Sydney Smith, English Writer and Clergyman

Yours for a resolute 2015


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