Spatial Architectonics

Loie Fuller

Loïe Fuller, physical poet, 1862-1928

“Space – my space – is not the context of which I constitute the ‘textuality’: instead it is first of all my body, and then it is in my body’s counterpart or ‘other’, it’s mirror image or shadow: it is the shifting intersection between that which touches, penetrates, threatens or benefits my body on the one hand, and all other bodies on the other. Thus we are concerned, once again, with gaps and tensions, contacts and separations, Yet, through and beyond these various effects of meaning, space is actually experienced, in its depths, as duplications, echoes and reverberations, redundancies and doublings up…”

Text reproduced from The Production of Space, Henri Lefebvre, Trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith, Blackwell Publishing UK, 1991: pp.184

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