Fernando Pessoa

‘Everything that surrounds us becomes part of us, it seeps into us with every experience of the flesh and of life and, like the web of the great spider, binds us subtly to what is near, ensnares us in a fragile cradle of slow death, where we lie rocking in the wind. Everything in us and we are everything, but what is the point if everything is nothing? A ray of sun, a cloud whose own sudden shadow warns us of its coming, a breeze getting up, the silence that follows when it drops, certain faces, some voices, the easy smiles, as they talk, and then the night into which emerge, meaningless, the broken hieroglyphs of the stars.’

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet, 2010:pp11

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Mount Analogue

Image cropped from_Mount Analogue_René Daumal

Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing by René Daumal 1908-1944.

In Daumal’s unfinished symbolic Novella a group of explorer’s come together to embark upon a quest to find the Mount Analogue of the Novel in a Yacht named the Impossible. Mount Analogue, a peak that reaches toward heaven although real in every sense of the term in that it it exists, has geographic co-ordinates and a population that are completely hidden from view. It can only be bought into view when the sun’s rays hit the earth at a particular point of view. The exhibition’s leader is Father Sogol or in otherwords the Logos, both fantastic, allegorical and metaphysical, it is a journey of faith. Continue reading