“In which the patagrapher regains his rights”


© Denise Startin

” In the heart of the night shines the anti-glimmer – the powerful sea of all waves – of all life the sea is strong – the shadow gleams the night eats fear – the well of truth has no way out – the sea gleams with no glimmer – under the night upon the night oh clang – oh clang declang degong and boom – and clamour oh word

here we are total

inscribed in the fearless heart of the night of the flesh – and in the veins and in the nerves – of all the beasts our mothers our sisters – in the forests of our thoughts – inscribed but in living fire – eternal instantaneous – fire you tell yourself – fire you tell me – all is said but eternally


René Daumal, Pataphysical Essays, Trans. Thomas Vosteen (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wakefield Press, 2012), p.58-59

Mount Analogue

Image cropped from_Mount Analogue_René Daumal

Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing by René Daumal 1908-1944.

In Daumal’s unfinished symbolic Novella a group of explorer’s come together to embark upon a quest to find the Mount Analogue of the Novel in a Yacht named the Impossible. Mount Analogue, a peak that reaches toward heaven although real in every sense of the term in that it it exists, has geographic co-ordinates and a population that are completely hidden from view. It can only be bought into view when the sun’s rays hit the earth at a particular point of view. The exhibition’s leader is Father Sogol or in otherwords the Logos, both fantastic, allegorical and metaphysical, it is a journey of faith. Continue reading