Choreographic Objects

||HOST||The Royal Standard as part of the Liverpool Biennial27th October - 4th November 2012

The Royal Standard as part of the Liverpool Biennial
27th October – 4th November 2012
Sovay Berriman, Royal College of Art Alumni 2003

Choreographic Objects by William Forsythe

An object is not so possessed by its own name that one could not find another or better therefore.
– Rene Magritte

“Choreography is a curious and deceptive term. The word itself, like the processes it describes, is elusive, agile, and maddeningly unmanageable. To reduce choreography to a single definition is not to understand the most crucial of its mechanisms: to resist and reform previous conceptions of its definition.  There is no choreography, at least not as to be understood as a particular instance representing a universal or standard for the term. Each epoch, each instance of choreography, is ideally at odds with its previous defining incarnations as it strives to testify to the plasticity and wealth of our ability to re-conceive and detach ourselves from positions of certainty. Continue reading