Performative Installation

Measuring the Universe, Roman Ondák

  1. The event aspect of performativity [the moment, now] is linked to the materiality of an installation in through simultaneousness of action/experience, or the event aspect of artistic production [performance] continues to take effect within the installation.
  2. Performativity is a constitutive part of the installation
  3. The installation alone is what generates the performativity
  4. A Performance Installation has its own individual context; by means of the performative elements it embraces the live elements of the external context and thereby incorporates categories from everyday routine and life.
  5. The extent of the performativity of an installation in terms of its appearance cannot be completely predicted or controlled here. Performative Installation thus unites within itself presence and representation, ephemeral and static elements, event and duration and immateriality and materiality. The direct effect and the indirect work enter into a synthesis. In a Performative Installation the dialectics of subject and object are annulled. Both are given a new common identity here.

Text quoted from performative installation, Angelika Nollert, 2003:pp.13

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