Herstmonceux Castle


© Denise Startin

Herst Henge or Wood Henge exists in the Gardens of Herstmonceux Castle. The trees are carved with encoded rune messages. This is the symbol for WYN = Joy and Happiness, the transforming of life for the better. There were 7 symbols in total. The overall interpretation was given thus: “Herst Henge incorporates all the meanings of the runes and translates them into the context of the site. Herst Henge is a place of rest and relaxation, when someone enters into the ring, they will feel that they are experiencing a new beginning in their life, a sense of revitalization will prevail. Herst Henge is a circle of protection and anyone spending  time within the circle will feel empowered and able to depart on a new and challenging time in their life with increased physical and mental energy.”

It certainly was a beautiful place but I think after an exceptionally stressful year I would have needed to just stay in the circle ad infinitum. Hopefully if you meditate on this image a sense of revitalization will prevail for you, if it does let me know.! “Herstmonceux is renowned for its magnificent moated castle, set in beautiful parkland and superb Elizabethan gardens. Built originally as a country home in the mid- 15th – century, Herstmonceux Castle embodies the history of Medieval England and the romance of Renaissance Europe.” Herstmonceux Castle is in Hailsham, East Sussex. [This is not a one horse town, this is a one gnat town but very handy for Eastbourne and Hastings where they do the most excellent fish and chips!]

Rune text quoted from signage in Herstmonceaux castle gardens. Text quoted from http://www.herstmonceux-castle.com/index.php