Letters of Motivation – Move[ME]nt

Loïe Fuller & The Serpentine Dance, physical poet, 1862-1928

Loïe Fuller & The Serpentine Dance, physical poet, 1862-1928

things shifting, slowly, imperceptibly, m-o-o-o-ving, don’t…know…where to…a movement toward […] away…shifting…things appearing…vanishing…[sub] emerging…it might be too soon to say “A Denise”…might be a “A…might be “A…D…might just be ” but at least that is a start…an opening

[flashing cursor on the screen as I pause then press return…and move…toward…

…uncertain steps, uncertain of his convictions, unsure of herself and…]

her future, an uncertain smile seeking a point at which rays of light converge as they simultaneously diverge, searching for the distinctness or clarity of an image rendered by an optical system in the act of moving,

a change in place
position, the focus of a lens, whir-click, click-clack

touching the ornaments – knick-knack – with uncertain fingers – touch, brush, tap, tap, tap…tick…tock, hearing the driving and regulatory mechanism of a watch or a clock, a movement toward, finding in the rhythmic structure of movement a self contained symphony…

a series of actions and progressive events, a centre of interest and a movement toward,

move as smoothly as wind across water, move listlessly, move quick and light, move like a flightless bird, like a shoal of silver fish, dart, descend, drift, float, glide, move as if on a treadmill to the centre of interest and a movement

toward the distinctness or clarity of an image,

pace, rush, scamper, shuffle, c-r-e-e-e-e-e-p, glide like a shadow|shadow, twist, travel, totter, hover […]

like a woman uncertain of his convictions, unsure of herself, an uncertain smile groping in the dark for the sub-conscious memory of a rhythmic structure of movement – toward – a self contained symphony.

uncertain seeking, unsure future, uncertain convictions, taking uncertain steps to a point…to a point…to a point…to a point…to a point…to to to the point at which rays of light simultaneously converge and diverge –


Foot Notes

Artists Foot Notes © My Sole

Loïe Fuller image reproduced from https://bibliolore.org/2013/05/20/loie-fullers-serpentine-success/


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