Groundhog Daze


Hippolyte Bayard, Portrait of Self as a Drowned Man, 1840

A pathetic shadow is cast/a blast received from the past, sitting
Too weak/to attempt/too attempt/two attempt
Three attempt
When you can stand/stand no more/look to the floor
Hot ssss__hhh__aaking palpitations
Sickness vibrations/infinite derivations
Ill defined divagations/multiple citations
Hot sss__ hhh__ a[ching] palpitations
Clinging to…,ears ringing
The darkness is singing, a song
…please move along
…a technical life raft
A digital light/an unwelcome draft
A dark night/an unwelcome draught
Someone laughed/a chill to the marrow
A chill to the morrow/a song of sorrow
Almost con-vul-sing
Can’t catch my breath/the sickness unto death
A need to stave the wave/a life I try to save
A diminishing circle of com/
To hold down the Fort
I have to go out/In sane
See words upon the window pane
Day in/Day out
Groundhog Day
Groundhog Days
Groundhog Daze
Grinding ways
Blinding ways
A life as sickly haze
A body tries to raise
Days full
Of Storm, no lull
Of darkness of sickness of corporeal thickness
This w[hole]
Trying on the soul/heavy on the heart/ LEADEN torture to the mind
In a sickly bind
One step forward/two steps behind
A noose one cannot cut loose
A heavy shroud to wear
Rip, rend and tear
How to repair…a body without spare

© Denise Startin