Archaeology without Walls

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Everyone is at the Ruin © Denise Startin

Palimpsest “something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form”, antiquity, artefacts, archive, bricolage, boundary, collage, chronology, collection (vernacular & formal), conservation, context, corporeal, curation (from curator ‘care taker’), discovery, document, earthworks (boundary & linear), echo, embodied, environment, evidence, excavation, enduring, field, flora & fauna, forensics, foundation, fragment, habitat, habitus, heterogeneity, history, historiography, genealogy, genealogy of place, grid, identity, inscription, inheritance, interpretation, landscape archive, landscape narratives, layers, legacy, local, locale, maps, mapping, memory, memorial, methodical, mnemonic, montage, monument, museum, museology, narrative, origins, performative, place, politics of location, positionality, preservation, record, recovery, reconstruction, relic, remainder, residue, restoration, ruin, site, situation, situated, systematic, strata, stratigraphy, trace, temporal, textual, textural, thick description, topography, vestige.