Poeticizing and Thinking

…into the space of renunciation…

‘for language as the origin of the work of art proved to be an impossible origin, since its repetition undermined any possibility of origination outside its iteration […] a substantive shift away from the discussions of origins into one of essence pp171 […] nothing, but relation: that which gives being, but that iself is not. pp.179

‘The word gives being.’, ‘to the word gives:Being’. Nothing has been added but the simple mark of a pause or break, a ceasura, but in doing so the relation of the word to being has been suspended and thus its wording has appeared. It inscribes the space of being but withdraws from it, because it is nothing more than its spacing, its mark of lack and rupture by which it becomes a space, a neighbourhood in which relations can take place, thus Poeticizing and thinking are pp184

held apart by a delicate, yet luminous difference, each held in its own 
darkness: two parallels, in Greek para allelo,by one another, against one
another, surpassing one another each in its own way. Poeticizing and 
thinking are not separated if separation means to cut off into a relational 
void. The parallels intersect themselves in the in-finite. There they 
intersect themselves with a cut that they themselves do not make.

By this they are first cut i.e engraved into the design of their 
neighbourly essence. This drawing is the draw-ing. It tears poeticizing 
and thinking into their nearness to one another - no one knows from where -
first pull one another into nearness, which thereby first comes about.
The nearness, which nears is itself the event, by which poeticizing and
thinking are directed into what is proper to their essence.'

Ellipsis, Of Poetry and the Experience of Language after Heidegger, Holderlin, and Blanchot, State University of New York Press: NY2007

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