Jaques Derrida

Jacques Derrida once put the question: ‘What if we were to approach…the area of a relationship to the other where the code of sexual marks would no longer be discriminating? [Choreographies, 76] I would like to end with his response, which, like may utopian utterances, is at once sibylline and suggestive:

The relationship [to the other] would not be a-sexual, far from it, but would be sexual otherwise: beyond the binary difference that governs the decorum of all codes, beyond the opposition feminine/masculine, beyond homosexuality and heterosexuality which come to the same thing.       As I dream of saving the chance this question offers, I would like to believe in the multiplicity of sexually marked voices. I would like to believe in the masses, this interminable number of blended voices, this mobile of non-identified sexual marks whose choreography can carry, divide, multiply the body of each ‘individual, whether he be classified as ‘man’ or ‘woman’ according to the criteria of usage.

Text reproduced from T Moi, Sexual Textual Politics, 1985:pp173

Image reproduced from http://www.pyke-eye.com/view/phil_I_12.html