Dark Writing


“Conspicuously left out of geography’s line – as it is left out of Descartes construction of the ‘I’- is of course the body that writes, and which, in writing, is also being written. Justine Clark explains:

The surface of the drawing is the site of involuntary traces, just as the scene of the body is the scene of involuntary muscular motions – blushing, tics, twitches – the play of internal effects across the surface of the body. If we follow Elizabeth Grosz’s contention that ‘all effects of depth and interiority can be explained in terms of the inscriptions and transformations of the subject’s corporeal surface…that the body can be understood as the very stuff of subjectivity,” then this surface of bruises and blushes, tingles and scars is crucial.”

Carter Paul, Dark Writing, University of Hawaii Press, 2009:pp.82. Image reproduced from http://rodcorp.typepad.com/rodcorp/rodcorps_art/page/2/