Mapping the Itinerary 2014

Caspar David Freidrich, The Wandered above a Sea of Fog, c.1818

Caspar David Freidrich, The Wanderer above a Sea of Fog, c.1818

“Resolve to perform what you ought and perform without fail what you resolve.”

Benjamin Franklin

Hello Every Bodies and welcome to the New Year here at F=R=A=G=M=E=N=T=S.

Since I have now acclimatised to my new surroundings and the concept or being post-institution, at least as far as my art education is concerned, it is my intention that this year be highly strategic. Thanks to the public institution of the Royal College of Art this private institution, active membership of one, has a strong constitution that accepts responsibility for populating its own flaura and fauna. Like any Visual Arts MA graduate at present there are a number of complex negotiations to undergo, not least the issue of my re-location. Sans RCA these also include practical issues of space, facilitation of practice, technical support, production facilities, critical input and peer support to name a few since one has effectively been decentralised, and you might argue ostracised since I am now no longer in the centre [London] but at the periphery [Regional].

I will of course be continuing with Feminism, Gender and Sexuality in Literature and will post regular updates on critical writing. I will also be following a particular strand from my MA Thesis on Eco-Poetics. Working between these two poles the aim is to outline a territory for practice whereby these routes will eventually converge. I am currently undertaking research for the preparation of a PhD application (the seeds of which were sown in said Thesis). Working with and against these two routes the aim is to construct a path of one’s own through phenomenology, feminist theory, geography, poetics and continental philosophy. Ingesting new intellectual fodder excavates the latent in practice enabling the turning over of new ground to reach a new practical and theoretical horizon. I hope, partially at least, to represent this journey here and of course your company is most welcome.

Yours deep in the thicket that is the Bibliography ,