Nothing passes…

Killing Time © Denise Startin

“Nothing that happened ever passed out of reality: all was still in existence, every image, every voice, all occurrences, filed away as it were on cosmic film if you like to call it that, so long as you understood that it was in no way a representation, but rather actual and eternal, its temporal divisions being merely a human argument. That was to say, Time though often seemingly important, inconvenient, even dangerous, was not ultimately serious. Realization could only be approximated in language, talked about but not experienced […]

[She] had understood this from the first. Though normally loquacious enough – [he] loved to hear her bright chatter – when they were Realizing together she silently took her cue from him. This sympathy had been essential to his efforts. Never before and not since had [he] approached so closely to an Absolute Realization: the first AR, which would be known in the records as AR1, for this was a science and [he] knew he was forever the forerunner, a kind of Archimedes of the great Realizers to come.”

Killing Time, Thomas Berger, 1976:pp65